With the launch of the new-generation service system of China Construction Bank, the production network of Beijing Yangqiao Data Center is expanding constantly. The service load in the operation management area of the production network is growing day by day. Therefore, the operation management area needs to be restructured and expanded to meet the requirements for future expansion and structural optimization.

Service Requirements

  1. Currently, the operation management area shares the same core device with the new-generation service system. The structure is obscure and adverse to network Operation, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM). A network needs to be built independently for the operation management area.
  2. The monitoring and NMS service systems are running in the operation management system, and the cloud management platform is also deployed in this area. Currently running systems need to be optimized and expanded due to increasingly high requirements for the NMS and Operation & Maintenance (O&M). Therefore, a mature and stable architecture is required to support the future expansion of this area.
  3. Services deployed in the operation management area are production services. In consideration of the network architecture scalability and product stability, highest requirements same as those for production service areas must be met.


  1. The project uses Ruijie solution for data center scenarios, which meets the network architecture requirements of Yangqiao Data Center of China Construction Bank.
  2. The Ruijie solution involves the high-end core data center switch (RG-N18000), data center-level 10G TOR switch (RG-S6220 series), and 1G TOR switch (RG-S6000 series). A 2-layer flattened network architecture is deployed and the horizontal virtualization technology is adopted to provide comprehensive support for reconstruction and optimization of the operation management area in terms of management simplification and ease of expansion.

Customer Benefits

  1. With the deployment and application of Ruijie solution, an architecture with complete functions is built to restructure and optimize the operation management area for the customers of China Construction Bank. The customers can migrate all the services in this area to the new architecture, which has a clear structure and facilitates OAM.
  2. The new architecture of the operation management area built with the application of Ruijie solution features great scalability and adaptability. The customers can conveniently deploy service systems based on their own service requirements. When a new server needs to be deployed, only switches need to be added in the horizontal virtualization architecture, which saves a lot of time and labor costs.
  3. The Ruijie data center product series applied in this project show sound and powerful data center feature indicators. Customers are free from worrying about inadequate or incomplete performance indicators, which bolster the confidence for the customers to apply new service systems or architecture in the operation management area.