About the University:
Founded by Dr. Sun Yat-sen over a century ago, Sun Yat-sen University is a key university of Project 985 and 211. The university-wide campus network, covering 4 campuses, encompasses 74,213 network points and is ranked as one of the top campus networks among the universities in China.

Project Background:
With the diverse development of teaching methods aided by the integration of education and information technology, Sun Yat-sen University started to offer innovative teaching platforms, including MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) and E-learning, which enable the students to learn anytime and anywhere. Faced with the new requirements, the university aimed to equip the East residential halls of the South Campus with quality and highly manageable wireless network, providing an improved learning experience via access from various mobile devices and creating a Smart Campus life.

Having served the education industry for years, Ruijie offers the state-of-the-art i-Share+ wireless network solution for the Sun Yat-sen University. This solution features a 10-time higher performance compared with the traditional APs by adopting the hierarchical distributed architecture, which improves the system reliability and signal strength with the separation design of the Master AP and RF modules (Mini APs) to meet the requirements of the small-area, high-density and multi-partition scenario of the residential halls.
There are 32 residence halls with 4,650 rooms over the Eastern dormitory area of the South Campus. Ruijie has deployed the i-Share+ Mini APs (RG-MAP552) and Master APs (RG-MAP5528) according to the number of rooms in each residence hall. The Master APs are connected to the switches installed at every dormitory building, which are connected to the aggregation gateways via the 1000M single-mode fibre. The aggregation gateway integrates several high-performance wireless controller modules (RG-M18000-WS-ED) to centrally manage all the APs.

Customer Values:

The scenario-oriented wireless solution brings about optimal wireless experience that offers full coverage of best signal over the campus. The integrated wired and wireless authentication greatly lowers the workload of the administrators.

Project Highlights:

The robust combination of i-Share+ and WIS system orchestrates the smart wireless network, which features automated and smart wireless network optimization, as well as intelligent fault diagnosis and auto-recovery. This solution has been widely appreciated in the university.

Customer’s Evaluation:
The wireless coverage of the East dormitory area of South Campus offers superior wireless experience, which provides robust support for the innovative learning modes and greatly boosts the Smart Campus development of the Sun Yat-sen University.