Unified ICT Management

Dashboard Summary

  • AC Connectivity Display
    AC Alarm Display
  • AP Connectivity Display
    AP Alarm Display
  • Ranking of Out-of-service Sessions
    Ranking of Out-of-service APs
  • Ranking of APs with Minimum Monthly Traffic
    Ranking of APs with Minimum Monthly Traffic
  • Statistics of Associated Users
    Statistics of Authenticated Users
  • Hotspot Speed Ranking
    AP Speed Ranking

Heat Map Analysis

Establish a wireless hotspot

Manage the hotspots depending on the environment and customer needs. The AP groups can be integrated with the actual scenario to facilitate device location.

Hotspot Statistics

Analysis the zone operation, AP status, users, alarm information, etc. according to the hotspots.

Heat Maps

Display the APs inside the hotspots visually, as well as the number of devices on the APs.

Graphically Display the Connections

Clearly identify the connections between APs and ACs, as well as the user information. (such as registered name, signal, etc.)

Real-time Online Wireless User Status

Report Management

  • Graphical Inventory / Alarm / Performance report
  • Over 10 report templates
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Interval
  • Automated report generation and delivery via Email
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